Global Fabricators undertakes a wide range of equipment and mechanical construction projects including repair and refurbishment. From inception to completion, the available knowledge, skills, and abilities allow Global Fabricators to build, repair, or refurbish virtually any type of equipment.

Unsurpassed Equipment Repair

Comprehensive equipment repair is made possible by the wide-ranging diversity of crafts available, making it the natural choice for all equipment repair needs. General welding capabilities are further enhanced by experts in derrick construction, reconstruction, and repair. This includes chassis repair as well as other structural work. Additionally, our structural engineers specialize in the construction of oilfield equipment and structures. Global Fabricators custom craftsmen provide a wide range of experience working on mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Wrap all of this together the realm on capabilities is only restricted by the imagination.

Breath New Life into Your Equipment

Global Fabricators is proud of the role it has played in the development programs and processes designed to facilitate the cost-effective refurbishment and recapitalization of many types of oilfield service equipment. The goals of the program are to provide field operations with safe and reliable equipment meeting or exceeding expectations for uptime and the return of equipment that incorporates top of the line environmental controls and maximized fuel efficiency. Uptime is increased and maintenance time is reduced by adhering to the goal of providing the customer a “same as new” unit. The expertise and state-of-the-art technologies allow the use of equipment that may be 25 to 35 years old.

In addition, Global Fabricators performs limited scope overhauls of individual systems based on customer demands.

We speak Hydraulic Power Systems!

Overheating, sluggish response, or lack of sufficient speed or power is typically the result of faulty engineering, poor component selection, or faulty craftsmanship. Not all hydraulic components suffer catastrophic failures. Some simply wear out over time until performance suffers. Global Fabricators skill and experience in the design and construction of hydraulic power systems, and the integration of hydraulic energy as a power source makes us ideally suited to handle your hydraulic power system problems. While most of Global Fabricators hydraulic work is centered around mobile type systems, this by no means is a limiting factor due to extensive experience with all industrial systems and components. One example is the ability to sort out problems created by less competent circuit and system designers.

Hydraulic components properly specified and configured should be expected to be an extremely efficient, responsive, highly controllable, and very durable means of power transmission. Global Fabricators has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your hydraulic power system deliver.

Structural Steel Fabrication
From bid to delivery, we offer complete services for your structural steel projects. We provide the price, quality and timely service you demand. Our team of dedicated professionals is at your disposal. LEARN MORE >>
Equipment Manufacturing, Repair, and Refurbishment
Global Fabricators has the knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake virtually any equipment or mechanical project you may have. From inception to completion, regardless of the systems, we can build it, repair it or refurbish it. LEARN MORE >>
Global Fabricators' Machine Department possesses the equipment, skilled craftsment and the desire to produce the best quality for your project. Whether general machining or precision tool and die, we can design it and fabricate it for you. LEARN MORE >>
Industrial Coating
Global Fabricators' Coatings and Blasting operations are certified under both NACE and AISC. We are certified for "Sophisticated Coatings" under AISC, and painters are certified under NACE. Learn More >>
Quality Assurance
Reputations are won or lost on quality; Global Fabricators recognizes this fact and has worked hard to ensure its customers are getting what they expect and pay for… a job that is done right, delivered on time. Learn More >>
AISCGlobal Fabricators is AISC Certifiied. The AISC Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality certification program for that industry.
AWSThe AWS Certified Welding Fabricator program recognizes Global Fabricators for our application of a quality management system to our welding fabrication activities.
SSPC Global Fabricators is SSPC Certified focused on the protection and preservation of steel and other industrial and marine structures through the use of high-performance protective, marine and industrial coatings.